The Most Offensive T Shirts Ever

Searching For The Most Offensive T Shirts Ever

If you are easily offended please move on NOW. This is where the really heavyweight offensive t-shirts live. The nastiest, most hateful, rudest and in many cases pure evil garments known to man. We´ve chosen a selection of what WE think are the most outrageous, abusive and distasteful shirts on the planet, Our mission is to leave nobody unoffended and it will take time. We´ll be pissing off a few groups of people every day, having an 11 day break over the holiday period….At the end, we´ll choose which shirt we believe to be the most offensive. Browse on at your own risk.

Offending The Disabled

We have to start somewhere….

Alzheimers T-ShirtUpside Down SyndromeI´m Not Autistic. I´m Just An AssholeParkinsons T-ShirtIf You´re Happy And You Know ItAutistic Kids RockI´m Not Handicapped, I´m Just Lazy

Slinky WinsSave Gas Ride The Handicapped

Laughing at the disabled

Officer Down








Offending Catholics/Christians

Nailed It

Gay JesusVirgin Mary In The Streets...Men Who Wear Sandals Get What They DeserveCasual FridayWho Am I To JudgeJesus Did It For The Chicks
Sausage Fest








Offending Feminists

Women Are ComplicatedI Push My Own Head DownI Should Be In The KitchenI Support Womens RitesAre You Tighter Than A 5th GraderI´m Only 12 Down ThereI Need A Girl Who can Handle My LoadStare At Me In Disgust If You Want To Blow Me

I Support A Womans Right To Choose







Swallow Or It´s Going In Your Eye

Offending The Colour Blind

Fuck The Colour BlindCongratulations on still being here, does that mean we haven´t offended you yet? Keep browsing, we´ll do our best to piss you off.




Offending Homosexuals

All You Faggots Can Suck My DickHe Loves The CockGod Hates FagsTop Gun Bottom GunSubgayHomosexuals Are GayI Only Support Gay Marriage If Both Chicks Are Hot









Offending Various Races

Slavery Gets Shit DoneOffending Everybody

Black Lives Matter

Prophet Muhammad

Brown Charlie

White Flour

What About All The Good Things Hitler Did

Native Americans Should Have Fought Harder

The Black Man Is Keeping Me Down


Fuck You You´re IrishAm I Right?


So if you´re not offended yet you´re not disabled, religious, a feminist, colour blind, homosexual or any of the races abused above……or maybe you are, but you have a sense of humour? We´ll keep trying anyway, Who´s up next?

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