How To Smuggle Your Booze

Whilst looking for cool, funny or weird stuff, We at Bad Taste HQ have stumbled across many ways to smuggle your booze into places your booze shouldn´t be. We´ve chosen a few of our favourite booze smuggling solutions to show here.

Going to the football? A Festival? An expensive nightclub? Whether alcohol is not permitted or just too damned costly we have the answer to your problem right here. One of these items (or more than one if you have serious drink issues) will be right for you.

We don´t want to live in a world populated by sober people, walking around and not bumping into things or falling over, So hide your stash in your Bra, Tampons, gloves or under your shirt safe in the knowledge you´ll be shitfaced by the end of the night.

Every tampon is a shot.
No man will ever suspect.

Women….The first idea is for you. Even if you get stopped and searched by security, you should be ok with TAMPON FLASKS. They look like tampons (not that most men would know if they didn´t) but they´re easy to fill, easy to pour shot tubes. Just keep it in your bag until you need it.

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Gloves filled with lovely booze
Keep your booze close at hand

Next is our winter solution to sobriety…..THE MITTEN FLASK.

On a cold day at the football this could be a real lifesaver when your left hand is loaded with whisky. It´s highly unlikely they´ll check your gloves for booze content. 

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The Wine Rack Flask Bra gets you bigger boobs and very drunk.
Bigger boobs and a bottle of wine!

Back to the ladies again for the next one, and it might just be our favourite….. THE WINE RACK FLASK BRA. Sadly we couldn´t find this in the UK but you can still get it from the USA. 

This Flask holds up to 25oz of liquid, which is basically a bottle of Wine and increases your bust up to 2 sizes. What´s not to love about this product?

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The Beerbelly Drink Holder
The Daddy of Booze Smuggling Devices

Now for the daddy of all alcohol smuggling devices…..THE BEERBELLY.

This mammoth drink dispenser will Hold up to 80 ounces of any hot or cold beverage and once under your shirt just looks like belly fat.

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The Lipstick Flask
Making it too easy.

Simple but effective, here´s THE LIPSTICK FLASK. Tucked away in your bag or pocket this simple booze container should attract no attention at all from security staff and even less when raised towards your lips. This 4oz container almost takes the fun out of smuggling….it´s too easy.

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Boobie Bags get the job done
Boobie Bags…..The most basic of the drink smuggling ideas

Finally, we have BOOBIE BAGS. These are the unrefined sister of the bra flask, crudely stuffed down your front to be pulled out when it´s time for a drink. They´re basic, but they get the job done, and in the end, that´s all we ask.

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And that´s all we have, for now. But rest assured, as we discover more ways to get our drink from A to B we´ll be sure to post them here. For now though, we hope you´ve found a personal favourite means of booze transportation from our selection. Please be so kind as to leave us a comment here, we´d love to hear from you.


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