The Self Stirring Mug

Self Stirring MugI don´t know about you, but i´m a lazy dude. Anything that will make my life even slightly easier is always welcome, So here´s the self stirring mug. It can´t go in the dishwasher or microwave, but you won´t need to strain your wrist with the heavy work of circular motion anymore. The mug does all the hard work for you, just press the button and drink….Amen brother!


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The Gun Mug

This is genius. There’s nothing like someone toting a Gun Mug. You just feel safe and secure knowing they can defendThe Gun Mug you should anyone overstep the boundaries. The Gun Mug cannot fire, hurt anyone, or stop crime but it sure feels like it could. I can imagine all secret agents carrying Gun Mugs from now on. What’s more dangerous: not having your morning coffee or pursuing a criminal? Do I really need to answer that?

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