The Light Up Lightsaber Umbrella

We search for cool stuff all day, every day here at Bad Taste HQ but the The Light Up Lightsaber Umbrellaitem we have discovered today might just be even cooler than the Bra Flask, the Han Solo Ice Tray AND the Wine Bottle Glass. Ladies and gentlemen we present…..The Light Up Lightsaber Umbrella.

Just look at it….. go on….. gaze upon it and marvel in its awesomeness, when you own this you´ll be praying for rain.

Available in 3 colours and not only safe to use in wet weather but positively encouraged to do so. Mine´s on order and i´m gonna be the coolest dude in Ibiza this winter…….but only at night….when it´s raining.

I need to know if you guys and girls are as excited about this as i am so please leave a comment and let us know if i have good taste or if i´m just a very sad man.

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