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Winchester Tavern Ash TrayToday we have discovered a new t-shirt supplier…..don´t get me wrong, we find new ones every day, but we don´t always love them this much. They´re called T-Shirt Bordello and they have a lot of really cool, funny and original tees and that´s good enough for us to do a bit of a write up on them.

They´re not expensive….the dearest we found was $14.99 (About 10 Pounds UK) but don´t quote us on that…..prices go up and down on the net.Winchester Tavern Glass

We´ve chosen a small selection of our favourite tees from them but they have hundreds more along with mugs, posters and an ash tray or a glass from the Winchester Tavern (Sean Of The Dead).

As always, just click on the picture and we´ll take you straight to the specified website to get the current price.

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E=MC Hammer T-Shirt
E=MC Hammer
Boomstick T-Shirt
DJ Leia T-Shirt
DJ Leia
I Got Wood New T-Shirt
I Got Wood
Evil Jeans T-Shirt
Evil Jeans
I Had Friends On That Death Star T-Shirt
I Had Friends On That Death Star
Keeping up with the Cardassians T-Shirt
Keeping up with the Cardassians
Impin Aint Easy T-Shirt
Impin Aint Easy
I love (heart) LAMP T-Shirt
I love (heart) LAMP
OCP T-Shirt
Klingon Ribbed for her Pleasure T-Shirt
Klingon Ribbed for her Pleasure
Youve Got Red On You T-Shirt
Youve Got Red On You
Pope Fiction T-Shirt
Pope Fiction
Raised on the Street T-Shirt
Raised on the Street
Sons of Anakin SOA T-Shirt
Sons of Anakin SOA
Save Ferris T-Shirt
Save Ferris
Sith Happens T-Shirt
Sith Happens
The Walken Dead T-Shirt
The Walken Dead
Sub Zero Refrigeration T-Shirt
Sub Zero Refrigeration
The Real McCoy T-Shirt
The Real McCoy
This One Goes To Eleven T-Shirt
This One Goes To Eleven
Think Inside The Box T-Shirt
Think Inside The Box
This Is My Happy Face T-Shirt
This Is My Happy Face
This One Time At Camp T-Shirt
This One Time At Camp
Trek Yourself T-Shirt
Trek Yourself
White Walker T-Shirt
White Walker
ATardis T-Shirt
Bistro Hannibal T-Shirt Charcoal
Bistro Hannibal
Winchester Tavern T-shirt
Winchester Tavern
Human Centipede T-Shirt
Human Centipede
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Classic Funny T-Shirts

We thought today was a good time to show a few of the best funny tees we´ve found in the last few months….these are a few of our favourites from T-Shirt Hell. Just click on the shirt of your choice  to go straight to the Hell website.

Long Term Prostitute I Don´t Like Jokes On T-Shirts Fuck The Color Blind Some Day I´ll Find That One Special Lady Chef Guevara My Marxist Feminist Dialectic Brings All The Boys To The Yard Star Trek Bob Marley Led Zeppelin Han Job Star Wars Text Fuck Ye!















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