Funny Irish T-Shirts

Tis a long way to St Patricks day, But we at Bad Taste HQ care not for being told when we should do what.  We laugh in the face of conformity and stamp on the toes of tradition by bringing to you our Funny Irish T-Shirts section in the middle of november. We´re more than happy to exploit the stereotype of our good friends the Murphy´s and the O´Reilly´s as nothing but drunken brawlers, from massive families, who swear constantly whilst eating potatoes. Credited with the inventions of The underwater hairdryer, the inflatable dartboard, and the water proof teabag (at this point i would be very surprised if anybody from the Emerald Isle is still reading this) Ireland has truly done some wonderful things for this world. Guinness, a cure for leprosy, the tank, tractor and submarine…..All irish……along with the modern distillation process, the ejector seat and Wifi. I could go on, but i think i´ve made my point. Now let´s have a look at some t-shirts

So Much Love For This Tee.


Paddidas……Being of irish descent myself, (and i am aware that i´m probably on my own here) i think this might just be one of the funniest tees i have ever seen, to be sure, to be sure.

United Kingdom OR United States





Keep Calm I´m With This Eejit……The number of times i could have used this shirt to good effect….One to use when you go drinking with that special fecking gobshite of a mate. We all have one, and if you don´t……it´s you.

Keep Calm
I Can´t Keep Calm, I´m Irish!









Feck Irish Connection……Top ó the mornin to ya……I know it doesn´t make sense, but i´m running out of “Irishisms”. Literally hundreds of Irish shirts out there on the web, we´ve chosen just three, but i have no doubt we´ll revisit this topic in the future, hope you´ll be with us when we do, Ah Go On, That´d be grand.

Feck Irish Connection
Arse, Feck, Girls!











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