Batman Tees

Batman Tees

Classic Batman Tee
Classic Batman Tee

We´re having a “Batman Week” at Bad Taste HQ, for absolutely no reason other than we think Batman is awesome……Why Not Right?

So as T-shirts are what we do best, here´s a selection of the best Batman Tees we could find on the interweb. Along with the story of Batman´s rise.

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The Very Beginning

I´m Batman Tee
I´m Batman Tee

As a small boy, young Bruce Wayne and his family went to the cinema… outing which ended in tragedy and the deaths of Bruce´s parents, killed by a still to this day unidentified mugger. Kneeling by the bodies of Thomas and Martha, Bruce swore to avenge the killings.

Dr. Leslie Thompkins and Alfred Pennyworth arranged so that Bruce would not be taken into care by Gotham´s social services thus beginning Bruce´s dream to become a crusader against crime.

Young Bruce

Ladies Joker - Why So Serious Tee
Ladies Joker – Why So Serious Tee

Aged just 14, Bruce set out on his mission, travelling all continents, studying criminology, forensics, and criminal psychology, and mastering every fighting style, picking up the skills he would need to keep his vow.

Upon his return to Gotham, Bruce became a plain clothed vigilante…..his immediate plan was  to wander the streets, fighting crime wherever he found it. But things didn´t go well in the beginning and he found himself sat bleeding in his study at Wayne Manor after his first night, perhaps lucky to be alive.

He quickly realised he needed a way to strike fear into the hearts of criminals if he was to succeed…..Just then, a bat crashed through the study window, giving Bruce the inspiration he needed.

Batman Is Born

Batman And Robin Ladies Tee
Batman And Robin Ladies Tee

Bruce became The Dark Knight, Caves beneath Wayne Mansion bacame Batman´s HQ, and Alfred remained his confidant with wise words of advice.

In time, the word spread, the very mention of his name sent shivers down the spines of the criminal element. Batman found a friend in Captain James Gordon who did not like the methods employed by The Caped Crusader, but enjoyed the results.

He fought The Joker, Cat Woman, Two Face and The Penguin. The Villains kept falling in front of him. Batman was a savage and clever crime fighter.

Never short of enemies, the list grew and help arrived in the form of Robin, who was another young boy orphaned by crime.

Together, they fight evil wherever it rises up.

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