Walking Dead T-Shirts

The Walking Dead, who doesn´t love it?

Seven seasons (so far) of mindless violence, tense, scary moments and endless gifs and memes all over social media…..but we never tire of it.

Everyone has their own way of paying tribute to one of the greatest things ever to happen to TV, and of course, the way we´ll do it is by finding the best possible Walking Dead Tees and presenting them to you here from Bad Taste HQ.

We´ve checked out loads of T-Shirt web sites and here´s the cream of the crop, see what you think. Just click on the picture to go straight to the site selling that item.

First up is “Negan Double Header Stout”……..See what they did there? Double Header? No? Ok, move on.

Negan T-Shirt
Negan T-Shirt

Next Up is Daryl, Ah Mr Dixon, you sir, are a legend. Sticking with the subject of booze (and why not?) we have the Crossbow Red Ale T-Shirt.

Daryl Crossbow Red Ale T-Shirt
Daryl Crossbow Red Ale T-Shirt

Back to Negan for our next tee…..he is the man of the hour after all…..This is the Lucille Slugger T-Shirt, our personal favourite and a bit of a bargain at $9.99…How cheap?

Lucille Slugger T-Shirt
Lucille Slugger T-Shirt

Next…..”We´ve got to get to Terminus!”

Terminus Steakhouse T-Shirt
Terminus Steakhouse T-Shirt

Who made the finest cookies in Alexandria? CAROL DID!

Carol's Cookies T-Shirt
Carol’s Cookies T-Shirt

Daryl Again for this one, He bloody loves his bike…

Daryl's Custom Motorcycle Repair & Service T-Shirt
Daryl’s Custom Motorcycle Repair & Service T-Shirt

What´s in the barn Hershel?

Hershel's Zombie Storage T-Shirt
Hershel’s Zombie Storage T-Shirt

Michonne…The crazy KATana lady…

Michonne's Katana Training T-Shirt
Michonne’s Katana Training T-Shirt

And finally, welcome to Woodbury, Oh Governer, you´re a very bad man.

Welcome To Woodbury T-Shirt
Welcome To Woodbury T-Shirt

Well, that´s all we have for you at the moment. As always, we´d appreciate you leaving a comment or giving us a share. You can follow us on Twitter @BadTasteTee or catch us on facebook for a constant stream of really bad jokes under the name of FUNNY STUFF.






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