Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The Shitting Reindeer Sweater
Looks Like Rain Dear!

There´s no avoiding it, no matter how much of a grouch you are…….christmas is coming. On the positive side of things though, it´s grinch season for us bad taste angry people and a chance for us to demonstrate our lack of festive cheer by wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters, getting blind drunk and swearing at family members we only get to abuse once a year. So, where to buy the aforementioned ugly christmas sweaters? Well as luck would have it, we know a guy, so let´s have a look at what we´ll be wearing for the annual family fight this year…..


The Pooping Moose, (or as WE at Bad Taste prefer to call it, the shitting Reindeer)….. The classic Moose Sweater has always been your go to for Winter wear hasn’t it?  Well, it’s been a while and that Moose needs to take care of business. He can’t be the icon of 25+ Holiday seasons in a row and

Shitting Santa Sweater
Now wash your hands Santa!

never stop to lay a pipe. The delicate snowflakes, the moose dung, the bold red colour reminiscent of Santas famous outfit.  This sweater shouts christmas so loud local deaf people will be begging you to keep the noise down.  



The Pooping Santa (Can you see a pattern here) is next and our personal favourite of the bunch. Nothing says merry christmas like Saint Nicholas with his red pants round his ankles whilst he drops the elves off at the pool. 


Zombie Santa Sweater
I don´t want cookies….I WANT BRAINS!


The Zombie Santa Sweater. Nothing to do with poo this time, just a good old fashioned rotting corpse crawling out of his grave to break into your house while you sleep. But he´ll probably leave some presents so it´s all ok. 



Butt Crack Santa Sweater
Christmas Crack …er


Last we have The Butt Crack Santa Sweater.  Santa climbs down the chimney and creeps silently into the front room, where he places gifts on and around the tree whilst his ill-fitting trousers reveal more of him than anybody really needs to see. 




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DR WHO T-SHIRT: TARDIS - UNION JACKShow how big of a Doctor Who fan you are with this awesome t-shirt featuring the TARDIS with an awesome Union Jack background. It has a real, contemporary street art texture that wouldn’t look much different than art pasted to actual Police Boxes. Get ready to transport to the year 2016, wait you’re already here!

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The Dribble Glass

Dribble GlassWalking around with a huge spill on your shirt may not be professional, or remotely sexy – but one thing it is is hands down hilarious. But before you order, here’s a tip – a little trick we tried here at Bad Taste HQ that had knee-slappin’ results. We ordered six of these dribble glasses, and put them in the office kitchen, so it simply looked like we had recieved a new set of kitchen cups. Well, let’s just say by noon there wasn’t a dry shirt in the office. Except, of course, our own – which, coincidently, we later spilled coffee on – without the help of a dribble cup. What! We’re messy and proud!

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The Baby Mop – Parents Need This!

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These baby mops are super soft and comfortable. The mop is made using ultra absorbent materials and engineered to clean and shine your floor. When your baby is done cleaning they are designed for easy on and off. Baby Mops make great baby shower gifts.

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Food T-Shirt Stuff

Today we´re going for a food based theme.

Shittles T-Shirt Pizza Slut T-Shirt Your Fish Smells Like Pussy T-Shirt Subgay T-Shirt






For absolutely no reason.

Jesus And French Fries T-Shirt I´m Not Fat T-Shirt I´ll Eat A Lesbian T-Shirt Hey You T-Shirt






Maybe it´s a subconscious thing, maybe we´re hungry?

Purples T-Shirt Lemonade T-Shirt Banana Peels Monkey T-Shirt Burger T-Shirt






Love that Purples shirt…..i need that one.

Onion T-Shirt I´ll Eat It T-Shirt Planet Of The Crepes T-Shirt I´m Cumin T-Shirt






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100,000 Second Rule T-Shirt Brains T-Shirt Chocolate Cake Recipe T-Shirt







Hope you like the food selection folks……please leave a comment below, we´d love to hear from ya!


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