Super Hero Night Lights

super hero night lightssuper hero night lightsSpiderman Night LightSpiderman Night Light Head and HandEvery now and then we come across something which gets us super excited and we can´t get our credit cards out fast enough. Today is one of those days, a “Shut up and take our money” day. Excitement reached fever pitch at Bad Taste HQ when we found The Light Up Lightsaber Umbrella but this has sent us right off the scale

These Super Hero Night Lights are perfect for the man cave or the kids bedrooms or just a really good gift for the nerd in your life, and we want them, we need them, we must have them!

It´s not just about superheroes either, if you fancy a bit of a browse you can find Star Wars stuff, sports stuff and car stuff…..we just really like these ones.

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8 thoughts on “Super Hero Night Lights”

  1. Wowowowow! Just the thing I need in my bedroom. I am huge Ironman fan and wanted him to be a part of my life. I guess this night lights are the best I can do. Thanks for this amazing find.

  2. Hi its Alexey,
    I have to admit – these are really cool little features that every man needs to have. I liked the short post and the call to action to buy them right away. I will consider it as a gift to one of my nerd friends and heck, maybe a one for me as well!
    Thanks 🙂

  3. WOW! Those Super Hero Night Lights are looking really good in the ceiling. I know my 6yr old will really love this. Is there any particular super heroes for girls that you would recommend?

    My daughter is into power puff girls or my little pony. I will be looking out for more interesting, informative posts on your website. I am looking to see it mature as time continues.

    Looking forward to your recommendation.


    1. Hi Jason, glad you like these as much as we do. We couldn´t come up with any superheroes specifically for girls as they tend to be loved by kids in general, regardless of sex. However, there are plenty of My Little Pony night lights available. Click here to see one!
      Hope this helps, and thanks for commenting, it´s very much appreciated.

  4. Hi Alexey, what a great idea! The kids will love this! (Big and small). It is the perfect gift for some little munchkin who fancies himself a superhero, but doesn’t believe he is afraid of the dark! Lol! Nicely done site, to the point.

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