REVIEWS – Top 7 Offensive T-Shirt Websites

There are a lot of t-shirt merchants out there, some great, some less than awesome. Bad Taste is gonna check them out one by one and mercilessly expose the poor and praise excellence. Unbiased, honest opinions….. unless we get bribed…….we´re ok with bribes.

HEADLINE SHIRTS headline shirts logo


First on the list is Headline shirts.  These guys pride themselves in making intelligently funny tees for men and women. All of their tees are made in the USA and are printed on  VintageBlend™ fabric using the best eco-friendly inks!

Price…..Not Cheap. The best tees on offer at Headline will set you back a hefty US$28.00 (purse lips and sharply intake breath) €26.15 or  £18.52. However, this is

Lost Cat
Lost Cat….We Love This

because Headline ONLY use top notch materials and their shirts are of the highest quality and from what i´ve heard are legendary for being “Feely”. It´s one of those, “You get what you pay for” scenarios. If you´re operating on a budget their SALE shirts are a very reasonable $18.00, €16.83 or  £11.91 for the same quality but in most cases, not as funny.

Quality….. As mentioned above, shirts are of the highest qualty, can´t fault them on this.

Selection…..More than enough Tees to keep you browsing for an hour or two, with some fantastic “Laugh out loud” designs. Plenty for men AND women, there WILL be things you like there. For me, the problem was not having enough cash in the bank to get all the shirts i wanted.

What else have they got?…..Aside from T-Shirts, Headline are good for socks, hoodies, wallets, keychains, a cool fang bottle opener and even a retro gamers flask.

Returns and refunds…..They offer a 60 day return policy and full refunds via the original payment method…..can´t say fairer than that.

Best Shirt…..A lot of really good shirts, Santa Claws, Napugleon, Sharkula…….But we´re gonna go with LOST CAT.

Verdict…..A very good site, loads of funny stuff and they seem to give a fuck about customer care.

Score…..8/10 Only missed a maximum score through being slightly pricey and to be honest, not offensive enough for us. Everything else is as good as it gets at Headline Shirts.

Check them out, CLICK HERE.



T-Shirt Hell

Next, the Offensive T-Shirt legends that are T-Shirt Hell. These guys have Tees with slogans and designs which even we dare not show. They have no fear, no morals, no shame……… and we love them for it.

Price…..A pretty standard $22 or €20.58 or £14.56. Could be cheaper, could be dearer. For American Apparel they charge and extra $2, but we´re happy enough with the

Led Zepelin/Kiss
Led Zep? Are You Sure?

standard “Beefy Tees”.

Quality…..We´ve only tried the standard tees, but there´s nothing wrong with them. As we mentioned above, you can pay the extra couple of dollars for an upgrade if you´re a flashy fucker and only want the best. Hope that´s ok for you, your fucking highness.

Selection…..Immense. You could get lost in this website for a long, long time. A huge number of the most offensive shirts known to man. Seriously, some of this shit is disturbing, and is probably illegal in some countries.

What else have they got?…..Hoodies and baby T-shirts…….when you´re this good at something, you don´t need to branch out.

Returns and refunds…..They have a 45 day returns policy and full refunds are given (excluding shipping) if the goods are in resellable condition.

Best Shirt…..Impossible to decide…..go on, YOU have a go. Maybe Chef Guevara, but probably Led Zeppelin or Bob Marley.

Verdict…..The King, The Daddy, The Don of offensive t-shirt websites. There´s nobody they can´t offend.

Score…..9/10 Being a bit of a dick by not giving them the full 10 because they´re in the USA. This brings the small surcharge for import tax, which i know isn´t their fault (and if you live in America it doesn´t matter a fuck to you) but WE live in Europe and that´s an extra few euros we have to cough up.  Maybe sell the shirts to europeans a couple of dollars cheaper to compensate?

Check out T-Shirt Hell  HERE.



I know, strictly speaking it´s not a t-shirt website, but if you´re prepared to dig a little bit there are some great rude and offensive tees at Amazon.  And if you can´t be bothered digging, that´s fine because we´ll do all that for you and post the best somewhere on this site anyway. Amazon is included here purely because you can get good tees at great prices.

Price…..Prices vary at Amazon, as you´d expect, from about £7 or €9.88 or $10.58 to double or more. But there are bargains here……lots of them.I´m No Weatherman But..

Quality…..Well it´s a bit of a lucky dip really.

Selection…..Not great to be honest, and what´s there isn´t easy to find, but if you need to buy an offensive shirt and a toaster you´ll save time in the end.

What else have they got?…..What haven´t they got…….it´s fucking Amazon, you can probably find a latvian speaking Unicorn, a cure for HIV and the missing link if you look hard enough.

Returns and refunds…..Yes and yes…..Amazon are so big they don´t give a fuck.

Best Shirt……Some really funny shirts, but we´re gonna go with “I´m No Weatherman But…”

Verdict…..Not enough shirts, too difficult to find the good stuff (But it IS there somewhere) and the possibility of going there for a t-shirt and coming away with a microwave oven makes it not ideal.

Score…..4/10 Scored low entirely because of the small number of  really funny stuff and the difficulty in finding them…….but as we said earlier, if you have the time to wade through the crap, there´s some comedy gold to be unearthed.

Amazon Lives Here

Five Finger Tees

Five Finger Tees Logo


There´s a lot of cool stuff at Five Finger Tees. Geeky stuff, nerdy stuff, film based stuff, but the best thing is….DIFFERENT STUFF. Many other sites have their own versions of the same things that everyone else has with slightly different wording or slightly changed artwork, but my first impression of Five Finger was that i hadn´t seen these designs before, it´s a breath of fresh air. These guys are well worth a visit, not only for their originality but also because they´re cheap…..really, really cheap.

Price…..$9.99, like i said, cheap……that´s €9.24 or £6.56. The price goes up by $2 if you need size 2XL or $3 for 3XL.I Don´t Exist

Quality…..”Screen Printed 100% cotton shirts with Double-needle stitching”…..Ok, sounds good to me. Also the shirts here come in a range of colours which i actually find annoying…..i´m happy with a choice of 3, how the fuck am i supposed to choose from 11? That´s just ridiculous.

Selection….. Loads and loads, but they´ve been nice enough to categorise them so it´s easier to find what your looking for…..Maybe Bono should shop here!

What else have they got?…..A decent selection of hoodies.

Returns and refunds…..This is interesting, if you´re not happy with what you recieve just send them a message and they´ll take care of everything.

Best Shirt…..There´s no way i could choose the best out of that lot, but as christmas is coming, i´ll go for the santa shirt.

Verdict…..A bloody good, solid t-shirt web site. Also sells blank tees and mystery tees where for $5 you´ll get whatever they find laying around the place……great idea.

Score…..9/10 Great selection and cheap enough so that the import tax doesn´t really matter so much…..Nice work fellas. Free shipping inside USA on orders over $50 too.

Click Here to visit Five Finger Tees.

Crack Smoking Shirtscracksmokingshirts-coupons-logo-png

Some good original designs to be found here, Not as big a selection as some sites we´ve been to, but it´s a case of quality rather than quantity.

Price…..Not the cheapest….$24, so €22.60 or £15.86 with a further $2 charge for the bigger sizes.NILF

Quality…..“We proudly use super soft 100% ringspun cotton American AppArel t-shirts” Ok, that´ll do for us.

Selection…..Not a huge selection, but original and very amusing.

What else have they got?…..A Hoodie and a sweatshirt…..not a lot.

Returns and refunds…..If you’ve received the wrong product or the item is defective, you may choose to either be issued a store credit or to exchange it for a different item of equal value.

Best Shirt…..Some really good shirts on this site, i could spend a lot of money here. But for my favourite, i´m going for NILF.

Verdict…..A bigger selection would be nice, and a bit expensive, but what they have is very, very good.

Score…..7/10 Marked down just for the price which makes it tough for the european market when import tax is taken into account. However, for people in America and Canada it´s a great site. And i really would love that NILF shirt.

Visit Crack Smoking Shirts Here.

Goodie Two SleevesGoodie Two Sleeves Logo

GT6252_101BLK_USB_DEVICE__58319.1443559764.600.600Goodie Two Sleeves makes the best clean funny t-shirts in the world. Started in 2002 by two teenage friends, it’s grown from selling tees from the trunk of a car to selling tees from the trunk of a much nicer, different car. These guys don´t use rude words or naughty pictures and have some good, clean, funny stuff to offer.

Price…..Typically $22.00 per shirt or €20.58 or £14.56. However, sale shirts can be found if you´re operating on a budget.

Quality…..Shirts are of a high quality.

Selection…..A decent number of shirts to choose from, in the hundreds so something for everyone here.

What else have they got?…..Just shirts, stick to what you do best i guess.

Returns and refunds…..They say it better than i could…..” Our customer service offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and we’re easy to contact. It’s our mission to make sure you receive the best t-shirt experience you ever have. If you don’t feel like we’ve treated you like a Unicorn Space Princess, then let us know right away. We promise to make it up to you!”

Best Shirt…..I Don´t Safely Remove My USB Device… our humble opinion.

Verdict…..We know that we don´t speak for everyone, but just a little bit too nice for us. Nobody´s gonna get offended here, but that´s what Goody Two Sleeves want, so i guess that´s fine.

Score…..7/10 I get the whole “we wanna be the good guys” thing…..and it IS just our opinion, but the truth is that ruder is funnier and nice guys finish last.

Visit Goodie Two Sleeves Here … and don´t forget to wipe your feet before you enter.

Look At Me Shirts


officespacedarthvadershirtLook At Me Shirts is your one stop shop for funny t shirts and movie shirts on the Interwebs! Choose from a variety of high quality T shirt designs based on your favorite movie quotes and characters. Look At Me Shirts offer hilarious t shirts and tees for men women and children.

Price…..Mostly around the $20.00 mark. €18.38 or £13.23, pretty standard prices really.

Quality…..Couldn´t find any mention of the shirt quality on their website, so we´ll go with “Probably Ok”.

Selection…..Could be bigger.

What else have they got?…..Aprons….yes, all designs are available as aprons too.

Returns and refunds…..If your shirt does not fit or you are not happy with the garment you ordered, you may return it for exchange.

Best Shirt…..Tough choice, but we´ve gone for Vader – That´d Be Great.

Verdict…..A site more for the folks of USA i think, not too much here for the europeans, but still well worth a look.

Score…..7/10 I could certainly spend money here, but i´d spend more if i was Irish American as that seems to be the market they´re aiming for.

Look at the shirts at look at me shirts here.


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