The Best Of Sickipedia

It’s the perfect present for that rich granny with a heart condition. This book is a selection of some of the best jokes which have been hand picked from a collection of over 300,000 jokes from Sickipedia – the world’s top joke website. The jokes contained within these pages are sick, rude, politically incorrect, offensive, obscene and in some cases Just Wrong, but the end results are Funny and Hilarious. With Christmas just around the corner, it´s the ideal gift for the sick little puppy in your life.

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The Sick Persons Bible.


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Rude Offensive T-Shirts

Fuck Ye!
Fuck Ye!

Rude/funny/offensive, whichever you´re looking for, we here at Bad taste can point you in the right direction to find the most outrageous and amusing t-shirts the web has to offer. Wether you want slightly cheeky or out and out offensive, we´re here to help. We´re not here to sell you a tee…..we just want to find the funniest and rudest and show you where you can get your hands on them.

Take a look around, be amused, be insulted, be entertained……This is the one stop site to find the funniest, rudest, most offensive T-Shirts known to man. don´t limit ourselves to just one source, we´ve got all the major players in this field covered to find the craziest tees out there and we know you´ll love (or hate) what you see.


Just Click on any of our recommended rude offensive t-shirts and you´ll be taken straight to the site which stocks them……in most cases they´re available in mens and womens tees or hoodies and in some cases even Posters!

Who needs drugs?
Let´s get serious.
How Dare I
We dare you….
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