Batman Tees

Batman Tees

Classic Batman Tee
Classic Batman Tee

We´re having a “Batman Week” at Bad Taste HQ, for absolutely no reason other than we think Batman is awesome……Why Not Right?

So as T-shirts are what we do best, here´s a selection of the best Batman Tees we could find on the interweb. Along with the story of Batman´s rise.

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The Very Beginning

I´m Batman Tee
I´m Batman Tee

As a small boy, young Bruce Wayne and his family went to the cinema… outing which ended in tragedy and the deaths of Bruce´s parents, killed by a still to this day unidentified mugger. Kneeling by the bodies of Thomas and Martha, Bruce swore to avenge the killings.

Dr. Leslie Thompkins and Alfred Pennyworth arranged so that Bruce would not be taken into care by Gotham´s social services thus beginning Bruce´s dream to become a crusader against crime.

Young Bruce

Ladies Joker - Why So Serious Tee
Ladies Joker – Why So Serious Tee

Aged just 14, Bruce set out on his mission, travelling all continents, studying criminology, forensics, and criminal psychology, and mastering every fighting style, picking up the skills he would need to keep his vow.

Upon his return to Gotham, Bruce became a plain clothed vigilante…..his immediate plan was  to wander the streets, fighting crime wherever he found it. But things didn´t go well in the beginning and he found himself sat bleeding in his study at Wayne Manor after his first night, perhaps lucky to be alive.

He quickly realised he needed a way to strike fear into the hearts of criminals if he was to succeed…..Just then, a bat crashed through the study window, giving Bruce the inspiration he needed.

Batman Is Born

Batman And Robin Ladies Tee
Batman And Robin Ladies Tee

Bruce became The Dark Knight, Caves beneath Wayne Mansion bacame Batman´s HQ, and Alfred remained his confidant with wise words of advice.

In time, the word spread, the very mention of his name sent shivers down the spines of the criminal element. Batman found a friend in Captain James Gordon who did not like the methods employed by The Caped Crusader, but enjoyed the results.

He fought The Joker, Cat Woman, Two Face and The Penguin. The Villains kept falling in front of him. Batman was a savage and clever crime fighter.

Never short of enemies, the list grew and help arrived in the form of Robin, who was another young boy orphaned by crime.

Together, they fight evil wherever it rises up.

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TV Series T Shirts

Today we at Bad Taste HQ have been watching TV… we do most days if we´re being honest, and this has inspired us to bring to you our latest collection of amusing tee shirts. This particular selection comes from all your favourite tv shows, The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Dr Who etc….So, without further ado, Ladies and gentlemen…..we present…..The TV Series T Shirt Collection!

As always, just click on the shirt logo to be taken to its home page.

Bob Ross - Happy Trees T Shirt Bluth´s Frozen Banana T-Shirt Terminus Steakhouse T-Shirt Better Call Saul T-Shirt Keep Calm I´m The Doctor T-Shirt Carol´s Cookies T-Shirt Frank Underwood T-Shirt wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey Who Md T-Shirt Phil Dunphy Real Estate T-Shirt Keep Calm And Better Call Saul T-Shirt It Aint Easy Being Khaleesi T-Shirt Drunken Clam T-Shirt Polk High 33 T-Shirt Carlton Banks T-Shirt Los Pollos Hermanos T-Shirt I´m Not Crazy T-Shirt Heisenberg T-Shirt Donovans Fite Club T-Shirt Hamlin Hamlin Mcgill T-Shirt Sunnydale High School T-Shirt 221b-baker-street-T-Shirt Gray Matter T-Shirt Vulcan Awesome T-Shirt



























We could have put hundreds more of these out for you to view but we need the space, so if you want to see more TV Series T Shirts all you have to do is Click Here!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by at Bad Taste T-Shirts and please feel free to share this page or leave a comment…..We Love Ya!

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Classic Funny T-Shirts

We thought today was a good time to show a few of the best funny tees we´ve found in the last few months….these are a few of our favourites from T-Shirt Hell. Just click on the shirt of your choice  to go straight to the Hell website.

Long Term Prostitute I Don´t Like Jokes On T-Shirts Fuck The Color Blind Some Day I´ll Find That One Special Lady Chef Guevara My Marxist Feminist Dialectic Brings All The Boys To The Yard Star Trek Bob Marley Led Zeppelin Han Job Star Wars Text Fuck Ye!















As always, feel free to leave a comment because, well, we miss you, And why not check out more Funny Stuff To Buy Online Here!

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The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book

The Walking Dead: The Pop-Up Book We don´t have too many books here thus far, before this there were three, but this is a thing of great beauty. We can´t really show pictures because that would ruin the whole surprise…..but trust us…..this is sooooo good.

What´s not to love about pop-up zombies?

We´re not allowed to post the prices here so click on the red links below for current prices.

UK Price

USA Price

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Interesting Shot Glasses And Shot Drinking Games

Shot glasses…..a subject close to our hearts at Bad Taste HQ, although to be fair, we usually care more about what´s in the glass. Today though, the drinking vessel itself is the subject of our focus. We´ve found a few cool shot glasses for you to browse over. Take a look and please leave us a comment to let us know your likes and dislikes, we love to hear your feedback because we think you´re awesome.

Crystal Skull Shot GlassThe Crystal Skull Shot Glass

Looks cool with clear drinks, vodka, sambuca etc, but even cooler when the drinks are a more interesting colour….gold tequila is a winner here.

Get It In The UK

Get It In The USA

Shot Glass With A Real Bullet

Shot Glass With A Real BulletIt is what the title suggests, a shot glass…with a real bullet built in. Available only from But you can get bigger glasses with bullets too.

Get It Here.


Shot Glass Tic Tac Toe

Shot Glass Tic Tac ToeOr Noughts And Crosses for the Uk. Nobody needs a reason to drink, but if you do, here it is.

Get It In The UK

Get It In The USA

Shot Glass Roulette

Shot Glass RouletteAnother drinking game, one wheel, two balls and sixteen shot glasses will positively enure drunken shenanigans.

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Get It In The USA


Shot Spinner Drinking Game

Shot Spinner Drinking GameThis device takes all the complication out of drinking games…..if the arrow points to you, you drink the shot.

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Basketball Shot Glass Drinking Game

Basketball Shot Glass Drinking GameWe´re not sure who drinks when you score a basket…..but someone´s getting it! Comes with 6 glasses and a miniature basketball


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That´s all for now, but we´ll be sure to find more of these in future weeks…..don´t forget to leave us a comment and if boozing is your thing, check out How To Smuggle Your Booze or The Han Solo Ice Tray Or maybe The Wine Bottle Glass.


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Scary Shower Curtains

Or in most examples here, scary “shadow” shower curtains.
Big Scary Hands Shower Curtain
Big Scary Hands Shower Curtain United Kingdom or United States

We at Bad Taste HQ are partial to scary stuff. We love horror movies, zombie T-Shirts and pretty much anything we can get hold of which has a monster, ghost or axe wielding mad man involved. So when we discovered the horror shower curtain genre, we dived straight in.


These are ideal for scaring the living crap out of the wife, kids, mother, cleaner or anyone else in your house who might wander into the bathroom and unsuspectingly switch the light on.

Shadow Man Bloody Hands Shower Curtain
Shadow Man Bloody Hands Shower Curtain United Kingdom or United States

So please take a look through our carefully chosen selection of spooky bathroom accessories and if you´d be so kind, leave us a comment to let us know your likes or dislikes or ask any questions you might have.


Unfortunately we can´t post the prices here as they tend to change quite frequently and as a consequence we would have the wrong prices pretty much all the time. So just click on whichever link you prefer for United Kingdom or United States (It doesn´t really matter as Amazon US delivers pretty much worldwide anyway) and you can get a price check in a second.

Bloody Shower Curtain
Bloody Shower Curtain United Kingdom or United States


Bloody Hand Print Shower Curtain
Bloody Hand Print Shower Curtain United Kingdom or United States
Scary Stabber Halloween Shower Curtain
Scary Stabber Halloween Shower Curtain United Kingdom or United States


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Offensive Valentines Cards

P.S. I love you offensive valentines cardLove you, Hate you valentines cardFebruary 14th is approaching fast. And we at Bad Taste HQ know that not every couple is all love and kisses. Sometimes people express their feelings in a different way, perhaps through the use of expletives, and for those people we introduce these unconventional valentines ideas from

The Scrummy Collection For Valentines DayInfinitely A Cunt Collection For Valentines DayRoses Are Red Collection Foe Valentines Day

I can only speak for myself….but i´d quite like to get something like this on Valentines day, and i suspect many of you would too. But then, we´re not average people are we?

For Valentines T-Shirts….Click Here.

As always, we´re looking for feedback, please leave us a comment here to let us know how weird you are……cos we love ya. Happy VD Bad Tasters!


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Magnetic Thinking Putty/Magnetic Silly Putty

Magnetic Silly Putty
So much fun to be had with this.

Some people prefer to call it Silly Putty, some people prefer to call it Thinking putty, whatever your preference for its name once you throw in the word “Magnetic” it becomes a pretty amazing educational toy for adults and children alike. It´s one of those rare things where words can´t really do it justice so take a look at the Youtube video HERE!

Get it in The UK Here……….Get It In The US Here

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Five Finger Tees

One of the websites we promote is Five Finger Tees, very funny, high quality, inexpensive T-Shirts.  We´ve selected a few to show here ….. or to visit the site and see all of them Click Here!

Paws T-Shirt White
I Found This Humerus T-Shirt
I Found This Humerus
Tis But A Scratch T-Shirt
Tis But A Scratch
They See Me Rollin´
They See Me Rollin´
Rebel Scum
Rebel Scum
Evil Genius Seeks Minnions
Evil Genius Seeks Minnions
Hello Clarice
Hello Clarice
Boomstick Soup
Boomstick Soup
Zero Fox Given
Zero Fox Given

Just ten of the shirts you can find at the very funny Five Finger Tees website, there are hundreds more, CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM!

Probably the funniest collection of tees on the net.

Leave us a comment and tell us if you agree!

Did you like these? If so, check out our Five Finger Tees Zombie/Horror selection.



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How To Smuggle Your Booze

Whilst looking for cool, funny or weird stuff, We at Bad Taste HQ have stumbled across many ways to smuggle your booze into places your booze shouldn´t be. We´ve chosen a few of our favourite booze smuggling solutions to show here.

Going to the football? A Festival? An expensive nightclub? Whether alcohol is not permitted or just too damned costly we have the answer to your problem right here. One of these items (or more than one if you have serious drink issues) will be right for you.

We don´t want to live in a world populated by sober people, walking around and not bumping into things or falling over, So hide your stash in your Bra, Tampons, gloves or under your shirt safe in the knowledge you´ll be shitfaced by the end of the night.

Every tampon is a shot.
No man will ever suspect.

Women….The first idea is for you. Even if you get stopped and searched by security, you should be ok with TAMPON FLASKS. They look like tampons (not that most men would know if they didn´t) but they´re easy to fill, easy to pour shot tubes. Just keep it in your bag until you need it.

Amazon UK     Amazon US


Gloves filled with lovely booze
Keep your booze close at hand

Next is our winter solution to sobriety…..THE MITTEN FLASK.

On a cold day at the football this could be a real lifesaver when your left hand is loaded with whisky. It´s highly unlikely they´ll check your gloves for booze content. 

Amazon UK US


The Wine Rack Flask Bra gets you bigger boobs and very drunk.
Bigger boobs and a bottle of wine!

Back to the ladies again for the next one, and it might just be our favourite….. THE WINE RACK FLASK BRA. Sadly we couldn´t find this in the UK but you can still get it from the USA. 

This Flask holds up to 25oz of liquid, which is basically a bottle of Wine and increases your bust up to 2 sizes. What´s not to love about this product?

Click Here To Get It From


The Beerbelly Drink Holder
The Daddy of Booze Smuggling Devices

Now for the daddy of all alcohol smuggling devices…..THE BEERBELLY.

This mammoth drink dispenser will Hold up to 80 ounces of any hot or cold beverage and once under your shirt just looks like belly fat.

Amazon UK US


The Lipstick Flask
Making it too easy.

Simple but effective, here´s THE LIPSTICK FLASK. Tucked away in your bag or pocket this simple booze container should attract no attention at all from security staff and even less when raised towards your lips. This 4oz container almost takes the fun out of smuggling….it´s too easy.

Amazon Uk     Amazon US


Boobie Bags get the job done
Boobie Bags…..The most basic of the drink smuggling ideas

Finally, we have BOOBIE BAGS. These are the unrefined sister of the bra flask, crudely stuffed down your front to be pulled out when it´s time for a drink. They´re basic, but they get the job done, and in the end, that´s all we ask.

Amazon UK    Amazon US


And that´s all we have, for now. But rest assured, as we discover more ways to get our drink from A to B we´ll be sure to post them here. For now though, we hope you´ve found a personal favourite means of booze transportation from our selection. Please be so kind as to leave us a comment here, we´d love to hear from you.


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