Offensive Valentines Cards

P.S. I love you offensive valentines cardLove you, Hate you valentines cardFebruary 14th is approaching fast. And we at Bad Taste HQ know that not every couple is all love and kisses. Sometimes people express their feelings in a different way, perhaps through the use of expletives, and for those people we introduce these unconventional valentines ideas from

The Scrummy Collection For Valentines DayInfinitely A Cunt Collection For Valentines DayRoses Are Red Collection Foe Valentines Day

I can only speak for myself….but i´d quite like to get something like this on Valentines day, and i suspect many of you would too. But then, we´re not average people are we?

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As always, we´re looking for feedback, please leave us a comment here to let us know how weird you are……cos we love ya. Happy VD Bad Tasters!


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