Offensive Coffee Mugs

Keep those Caffeine levels up so you have enough energy to be rude to peopleSluts Mug.

The Mug. Found in every house and so often not utilised as an instrument of abuse. It upsets me to see a blank mug where this space could be used for the purpose of jest and or ridicule. We´re going to show you a few of our favourites but there are thousands out there so do us a favour and send your rude and abusive mugs in to us for our amusement and we´ll share them with the world if we like them.

Sluts Mug…..Ideal for the lady who stole your heart….. and your wallet…..and your fun.

I´m Not Always A Bitch


I´m Not Always A Bitch But…..Another one for the girls.


Wanna Try This Without Pants?…..Nothing says wanna try this without pants like a mug that says wanna try this without pants?

Wanna Try This Without Pants? Just the standard 3 selection……but we WILL be back with more next week……hang in there kids!




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