Interesting Shot Glasses And Shot Drinking Games

Shot glasses…..a subject close to our hearts at Bad Taste HQ, although to be fair, we usually care more about what´s in the glass. Today though, the drinking vessel itself is the subject of our focus. We´ve found a few cool shot glasses for you to browse over. Take a look and please leave us a comment to let us know your likes and dislikes, we love to hear your feedback because we think you´re awesome.

Crystal Skull Shot GlassThe Crystal Skull Shot Glass

Looks cool with clear drinks, vodka, sambuca etc, but even cooler when the drinks are a more interesting colour….gold tequila is a winner here.

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Shot Glass With A Real Bullet

Shot Glass With A Real BulletIt is what the title suggests, a shot glass…with a real bullet built in. Available only from But you can get bigger glasses with bullets too.

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Shot Glass Tic Tac Toe

Shot Glass Tic Tac ToeOr Noughts And Crosses for the Uk. Nobody needs a reason to drink, but if you do, here it is.

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Shot Glass Roulette

Shot Glass RouletteAnother drinking game, one wheel, two balls and sixteen shot glasses will positively enure drunken shenanigans.

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Shot Spinner Drinking Game

Shot Spinner Drinking GameThis device takes all the complication out of drinking games…..if the arrow points to you, you drink the shot.

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Basketball Shot Glass Drinking Game

Basketball Shot Glass Drinking GameWe´re not sure who drinks when you score a basket…..but someone´s getting it! Comes with 6 glasses and a miniature basketball


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That´s all for now, but we´ll be sure to find more of these in future weeks…..don´t forget to leave us a comment and if boozing is your thing, check out How To Smuggle Your Booze or The Han Solo Ice Tray Or maybe The Wine Bottle Glass.


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