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Cunt in 75 languages Paperback
Cunt in 75 languages Paperback

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Cunt! That´s right, we went there, we said it, and we´ll say it again……Cunt! Problem is, we only know how to say it in English. Imagine if you could say cunt in 75 languages? How impressed would your friends be? Now don´t get me wrong, i don´t for one minute think it´ll help you get a girlfriend, or a pay rise at work, but still, it´s a skill which may come in handy someday, although i can´t come up with any sort of example right now. Anyway, just incase you fancy it, here it is……Cunt in 75 languages.

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"I Don't Speak Cuntonese" White T Shirt
Language Barrier?

We have unearthed a vast number of cunt shirts, mugs, key rings and all kinds of other rather offensive and funny items for your delight. We´ll post them right here and if you´d be so kind maybe you´ll retweet them or share them on Facebook or leave us a comment here? We´d very much appreciate it if you could.

Here´s our first ever item from Cunt The “Sorry, I Don’t Speak Cuntonese” White T-Shirt…..£11.95



It´s Coffee Time Cunts - Mug


And our second item is this……It´s Coffee Time Cunts Mug.

Say it how it is people……£8.95

These guys are based in The Uk, but deliver worldwide, so don´t be put off by that if you´re in North America or Oz. Just take a look at their site…..loads of cool offensive stuff.


Cunt T-Shirt WhiteThis one is something of a rarity in that it´s one of our own designs.


No messing about here, this shirt gets straight to the point and is an ideal gift for the complete cunt in your life.  


From for £15.43

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