About Me

Hello fellow T-Shirt fans, My name´s Dec and amongst other things i´m a Rock and Indie Dj with a passion for rude, funny or just plain offensive Tees.

Is it wrong to have a slightly warped sense of humour? Well i haven´t been hospitalised or arrested yet (actually both, but not in any way T-Shirt related)  so i´m gonna carryAbout Dec on thinking it´s fine. In fact, in a world where people seem increasingly afraid of speaking to each other on any level but Facebook, i find a hilarious shirt is a fantastic ice breaker.

Whether i´m around people i know, or walking down the street, an unexpected slogan or cheeky picture on a shirt can often spark up a conversation. Several times, people i have never met before have pointed and laughed at me and once i get over the initial paranoia, i realise i´m wearing my “I Direct Midget Porn”  or the classic “Fat People Are Hard To Kidnap” shirt, and ended up with new friends.

So i have decided….the world needs more funny stuff…..more laughs…more giggles, more chuckles, more……well, i think you get my point.

So boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, please browse through this collection of inappropriate attire which i have personally selected for your amusement, there´s gotta be something you love here.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave us a message, dec@badtastet-shirts.org


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